1. For an item to be considered for Mountaineer E-News, it must be involve an official WVU unit, or have some other direct connection to the University and its related organizations or initiatives. While in some instances, E-News will feature an event that is hosted at a WVU facility, just being held at WVU is not sufficient reason to be included. The final decision to include or not include an announcement in E-News is at the discretion of the editors.
  2. Send items directly to ENews@mail.wvu.edu. E-News is handled by different individuals, so sending to  ENews@mail.wvu.edu will insure it is seen by the editor.
  3. Items for E-News are intended for University faculty, staff and administrators. Announcements for students should be directed to MIX@mail.wvu.edu. These submissions will be published on the WVU Students website at http://students.wvu.edu.
  4. Brief, concise notices are best - a link to a longer version of the story or additional resources (photos, etc.) are helpful. Please include a descriptive headline; date; time; place; brief description of event/award, etc.; contact; RSVP date, if applicable; the specific date when the E-News notice should run (Note: E-News tries to accommodate requests to run announcements multiple times – but not more than once a week, and not more than twice.)
  5. Use our submission form to submit to E-News.
  6. Job openings are not included in E-News. Please direct this information to the Division of Human Resources at  employment@mail.wvu.edu
  7. E-News does not accept solicitations or fundraising requests, except as in accord with the University’s Concessions and Solicitation Policy.
  8. The Mountaineer E-News email will be distributed once daily, during mid-morning. The companion website http://enews.wvu.edu will be updated daily.
  9. If events require, such as in a campus emergency, announcements will be sent immediately.
  10. Deadline for submission is at least 48 hours in advance of publication.

Check your E-News subscription: ur@mail.wvu.edu or call Eleonore Jones at 304.293.7340. 

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