Student Engagement and Leadership InfoStations

A How To Guide

There are three vertically positioned InfoStations in the Mountainlair that are available completely free of charge for you to use in promoting your student organization. These InfoStations play the Student Organizations calendar information from as well as graphics.

All Pro's, No Con's
      • Your message can play up to 2,000 times per month, on one InfoStation alone
      • Recruit new members or highlight old ones
      • Promote upcoming events and rushes
      • Take ownership of your student organization’s overall look
      • Display photos
      • Did we mention that it’s free?

How to create your own InfoStations graphic
Recommended Software

To create your organization’s graphic we recommend that you use either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator software. These programs can be accessed at the Downtown and Evansdale Libraries.

Vertical Graphic Requirements :

WIDTH:1080 pixels 
HEIGHT: 1620 pixels
RESOLUTION: 96 pixels per inch 
Sample output on InfoStations:
           Student Organizations Vertical Graphic Sample                               Student Organizations Vertical Graphic Sample
           Student Organizations Vertical Graphic Sample

Who To Contact

Contact and send your graphic as an email attachment. After it is approved, your graphic will be seen on the vertical InfoStations at the Mountainlair as well as most of the horizontal InfoStations across campus.