Campus Announcements

Campus announcements are posted on the Current Students website.

To submit a campus announcement, please email your request to and be sure to include the required information listed below.

Announcement requests should be submitted before 3 p.m. at least two business days prior to the requested posting date.

Announcement Requirements:
  • Your Name
  • Position Title
  • Department
  • Phone
  • Announcement title or message subject
  • Announcement text or message body
  • Date the announcement should be posted

For targeted email messages from colleges, schools or departments, please include the following additional information with your request. Targeted email messages are delivered to students' Gmail accounts.

Targeting Details
  • Student level (undergraduate, graduate or professional)
  • College or School (Eberly College, Business and Economics, Law School, etc.)
  • List of majors to receive the message, including the title of each major

Message attachments are currently not supported. We recommend that you post any attachments on your website, and include a link to that in the announcement message body.

University Relations staff will edit submitted announcements when necessary and upon review may reject any announcement request that includes inappropriate content or that fails to include the required details.