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Brand Platform

Our brand platform not only communicates what we do, but the attitude with which we do it. It is the highest level of what happens when our brand positioning meets our brand voice.

Although it’s not intended to be used word for word, certain phrases and ideas can be incorporated into external communications:

Without firsts, there is no new.
No cutting edge. No hope.

Without firsts, our state stands still.
Our world waits.
And what you see is forever what you get.

Here, going first is in our blood.
It’s in our sweat.
And it’s in our nature.

Going first means we’re bold enough for big ideas.
And smart enough to launch them.

It’s why we go to the edge, and instead of going back, we build a bridge and we keep going.

We go forth into a world of untapped energy ready to be unearthed.

Unproven theories waiting to be unlocked.

And unwritten journeys ready to unfold.

These are the next frontiers.
The new frontiers.

Frontiers that will lead us to new cures.
New laws.
And new possibilities.

All bound to lead our state and our country to a better quality of life.

So we will go above.
We will go beyond.

And when everyone else goes back, Mountaineers go first.

Let’s go.

Map of WV showing Morgantown, Keyser, and Beckley locations

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