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Vice President’s Office

Sharon Martin Vice President for University Relations and Enrollment Management


Christopher Acord Professional Technologist 304-293-1095
Amy Bacorn Admissions Assistant 304-293-2121
Elizabeth Clever Information Assistant 304-293-1233
Katie Condon Assistant Director, Recruitment and Enrollment Management 304-293-8630
Joseph Cook Director 304-293-2121
Brad Cox Assistant Director 304-293-1094
Candy Dalton Program Assistant 304-293-1102
Rachelle Davis Program Coordinator / Regional Recruiter 304-376-7850
Rachel Daw Admissions Outreach Coordinator 304-293-5984
Erin Fields Program Coordinator for Graduate Admissions (304) 293-5980
Ashley Givan International Recruiter 304-293-8615
Raphaelle Greco Visit Experience Recruitment Specialist 304-293-3489
Jacquelyn Gress Assistant Director of Regional Recruitment 304-376-6650
Kim Guynn Associate Director 304-293-2121
Amber Hartley Data Technician 304-293-1166
Chris Hart Admissions Assistant 304-293-2121
Donna Hylton Associate Director 304-293-0148
Jody Kilpatrick Program Coordinator / Regional Recruiter 304-376-3482
Gary Laruta Program Coordinator, Recruitment 304-293-36505
Teresa Lawson Admissions Assistant 304-293-1104
Danielle Linsenbigler Program Coordinator / Regional Recruiter 304-376-4693
Lisa Lipscomb Admissions Assistant, Graduate Admissions and Recruitment 304-293-1304
Kelly Lowery Program Coordinator/Regional Recruiter 685.285.7040
Christina Maier Program Coordinator / Regional Recruiter 304-216-2348
Kim McCarty Director of Regional Recruitment 724-309-8944
Judy McDonnell Admissions Assistant 304-293-1163
Joseph McVey Professional Technologist 304-293-2218
Jamie Miller Program Coordinator / Regional Recruiter 304-212-1633
Brianna Moyer Senior Program Coordinator 304-293-8627
Joshua Murray Professional Technologist 304-293-8631
Tracy Murray Records Officer 304-293-1191
Eleanor Nelson Data Technician 304-293-1204
Lam H. Pham Assistant Director of Orientation and Student Onboarding, Enrollment Management 304-293-2121
Kristie Pyles Administrative Associate 304-293-1238
Shelly Quance Director, Graduate Admissions and Recruitment 304-293-5870
Jamie Rush Admissions Assistant 304-293-3521
Madeleine Ryan Regional Recruiter 304-282-6341
Jean Marie Scarborough Interim Admissions Assistant 304-293-5770
Emily Seggie Director of Enrollment Management Technology 304-293-1248
Adele Siba Assistant Director 304-293-1295
Marra Sigler Admissions Counselor (304) 293-8628
Margaret Smith Admissions Assistant 304-293-1297
Melissa Snider Program Assistant 304-293-1301
Melody Thomas Interim Program Coordinator 304-293-0001
Katlyn Tracey Admissions Specialist 304-293-2121
Brianna Vento Senior Program Coordinator, Recruitment 304-293-8627
Debra Wade Admissions Assistant, Graduate Admissions and Recruitment 304-293-5893
Mandy Weaver Program Coordinator / Regional Recruiter 304-376-0942
Stuart Wells Interim Assistant Director 304-293-2121
Lee Khuen Yau Records Officer 304-293-1100

Brand and Trademark Licensing

Nikki Goodenow Director 304-293-4756
Jenn Miller Manager 304-293-8026
Adam Szilagyi Specialist, Brand and Trademark Licensing 304-293-4756


Tami Allen Student Life Communications
April Kaull Executive Director 304-293-3990
Stacy Elza Research Writer (Health Sciences)
Alayna Fuller Graduate Assistant Research Writer 304-709-1950
Peter Habuda Front End Web Designer
Shauna Johnson News and Information Manager (304) 293-8302
Sara Loughney Program Coordinator 304-293-6997
Pam Pritt Managing Editor, WVUToday 304-293-6383
Jake Stump Director of Research Communications 304-293-5507


Persinger, Brian Senior Photojournalist 304-293-4324
Shepherd, Jenny Photo Manager 304-293-3067
Department Info (304) 293-6997

WVU Magazine

Mazzella, Diana Editor, WVU Magazine 304-293-6998


Michael Esposito Executive Creative Director 304-293-5699


Boso, Hayley Multimedia Specialist 304-293-0564
Caudill, Angela Director 304-293-6369
Cummings, Karyn Desktop Publishing Specialist 304-293-3957
Curry, Graham Assistant Director 304-293-0566
McGettigan, Michelle Multimedia Specialist 304-293-2121
Nuevo, John Multimedia Specialist 304-293-0532


Allen, Jay Assistant Director 304-293-5276
Duong, Kim Professional Technologist 304-293-7389
Gillum, Jennifer Professional Technologist - InfoStations 304-293-0534
Glenn, Adam Professional Technologist 304-293-5287
Johnson, Adam Professional Technologist - Accessibility 304-680-5493
Johnson, Tatsu Professional Technologist (304) 293-7340
Olsen, Dave Assistant Director of Digital Marketing Technology 304-293-5298
Orndorff, Cathy Director 304-293-5305
Patton, Rebecca Professional Technologist
Reckart, Nathan Professional Technologist 304-293-0545
Spriggs, Steve Professional Technologist 304-293-3678
Stavar, Steve Professional Technologist - InfoStations 304-293-0568


DeWeese, Kathy Director - University Content 304-293-8947
Gould, Sarah Communications Specialist Sr. 304-293-6550
Owens, Lydia Communications Specialist Sr. 681-443-4922
Pierotti, Mikenna Senior Writer 304-293-6676
Quigley, Amy Assistant Editor 304-293-8662


Brown, Joel Director, Brand Experience 304-293-0690

Video and Multimedia Production

Cummins, Tim Communications Engineer 304-293-1305, ext. 2
Hamilton, Dan Multimedia Specialist 304-293-0244
Heasley, Kelly Assistant Director 304-293-3589
Lituchy, Scott Director of Video Storytelling 304-293-5562
Sheppard, Parker Student Worker
Stalnaker, Brad Multimedia Specialist 304-293-0245
Webb, Joe Director 304-293-3851
Yang, Li Professional Technologist 304-293-1305, ext. 3

Health Sciences

Aira Burkhart Multimedia Specialist 304-581-1905
Christa Currey Director of Communications School of Pharmacy 304-293-7192
Stacey Elza Senior Communications Specialist 304-293-3107
Haleigh Fields Communications Specialist-School of Medicine (304) 293-6506
Sam Haines Communications Specialist 304-293-7487
Wendy Holdren Senior Communications Specialist 304-293-0630
Zane Lacko School of Medicine Communications Specialist 304-293-6135
Nikky Luna Director of Communications at School of Public Health 304-293-1699
Wendi MacKay Director of Communications School of Nursing 304-581-1772
Hannah Maxwell Multimedia Specialist 304-293-1359
Tara Scatterday Executive Director, Communications and Institutional Relations 304-293-0630
Cassie Thomas Director of Communications and Marketing, School of Medicine 304-293-3412
Sophia Darmelio Graduate Assistant
Sunshine Wiles-Gidley Director of Communications and Marketing, School of Dentistry 304-293-6133
Jessica Wilmoth Communications Specialist with School of Public Health 304-293-0404


Tony Dobies Senior Director of Marketing 304-293-5510
Kimberly Becker Director of Communications, Office of the Provost 304-293-9919
Brent Bunner Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications for Strategic Initiatives 304-293-4669
Cherise Watkins Digital Content Coordinator
Carmen Congelio Marketing Specialist 304-293-4652
Katie Farmer Communications Director and Marketing Strategist, Office of the Provost 304-293-0166
Corissa Rosenberger Senior Marketing Specialist 304-293-2866
Sarah Hensley Marketing and Communications Director, Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 304-293-4750
Donna Kasich Director of Marketing Research 304-293-8500
Elaine McVay Director of Housing Marketing 304-293-1902
Laura Spitznogle Advertising and Media Buyer 304-293-0562

Social Media

Carvelli, Michael Social Media Specialist 304-293-8776
Coyle, Geoff Senior Social Media Editor 304-293-8031
Goff, Morgan Social Media Specialist 304-293-3345
Hines, Sean Social Media Specialist for Student Life 304-293-6997
Huffman, Rickie Marketing Strategist 304-293-8605
King, Alex Social Media Graduate Assistant
Nealis, Kallie Social Media Specialist 304-293-3599
Ryan, Dave Senior Marketing Strategist


Brian Bollinger Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Lindsey Burgess Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Garrett Doyle Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Peggy Freeland-Strong Administrative Associate 304-293-1988
Jackie Hellen Assistant Director 304-293-1988
Donovan Kelly Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Kate Kim Program Coordinator Sr. 304-293-1988
Tara Kurilchick Assistant Director 304-293-1988
Lindsey McNellis Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Destiny Nestor Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Lin Shay Program Coordinator Sr. 304-293-1988
Jermaine Skeffery Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Matt Smoot Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Aaron Staats Program Coordinator Senior 304-293-1988
Cassandra Stout Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
George Yanchak Director 304-293-1988
Malory Werner Program Coordinator 304-293-1988

Mountaineer Parents Club

Lisa Hanselman Director 304-293-2506
Bronlyn Smith Program Assistant 304-293-2506


Ann Bailey Berry Assistant Vice President for Outreach 304-293-9822
Allyson Cannon Old Gold New Blue Director 304-293-7685
Dave Rogers Senior Administrative Assistant 304-293-8020
Danica Wilburn Director of Event Strategy 304-293-7586

Project Management

Kevin Hart Traffic Manager 304-293-0561

Student Financial Services

Rebecca Campbell Scholarship Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Danielle Carson Manager 304-293-1988
Brian Caulkins Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Ben Chambers Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Amanda Cole Assistant Director 304-293-1988
Carol Davis Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Sue Davis Office Administrator 304-293-1988
Jeanette Farris Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Hannah Ferrell Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Candi Frazier Associate Director 304-293-1988
Jasmine Gonlin Program Coordinator Sr. 304-293-1988
Ellen Harker Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Martha Heaps Scholarship Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Kenzie Lingel Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Taylor Maple Communications Specialist 304-293-1988
Mindy McCracken Accountant 304-293-1988
Eric Meadows Assistant Director 304-293-1988
Terry Miller Assistant Director 304-293-1988
Zackary Mullikin Scholarship Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Sandra Oerly-Bennett Assistant Vice President, Student Financial Support and Services 304-293-1988
Shannon O'Leary Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Olivia Ooten Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Jackie Paugh Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
David Russell Accountant 304-293-1988
Kim Rutherford Accountant 304-293-1988
Michael Rutherford Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Bethany Schiffbauer Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Sarah Schneider Manager 304-293-1988
David Shoemaker Manager 304-293-1988
Curtis Sheets Accountant 304-293-1988
Barry Smith Accountant 304-293-1988
Karen Smith Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Nicole Solomon Assistant Director 304-293-1988
Amanda Thompson Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Nicholas Thompson Manager 304-293-1988
Ozioma Udah Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Corrine Ullom Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Parker Unroe Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Shawn Ullom Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Cassandra VillaNeuva Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Courtney Watkins Program Manager 304-293-1988
Alexis Wiley Scholarship Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Heather Yoke Manager 304-293-1988
Mason Young Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Rebecca Zajdel Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
George Zatezalo Professional Technologist 304-293-1988

Visitors Center

Ali Anderson Assistant Director, Evansdale Visitors Center 304-293-2086
Terry Jackson Director 304-293-3489
Brandi Underwood Marketing Strategist 304-293-8446
David Westfall Visit Experience Counselor 304-293-3491
Cassidy Bosley Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Maddi Bowers Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Megan Buchheit Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Bryanna Buker Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Dustin Donner Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Anna Dunham Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Kristen Kleiner Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Zak Kristan Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Payton Litton Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Paige McElroy Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Mary McFarland Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Virginia Milleson Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Sarah Mosinski Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Aidan Priest Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Tyler Redding Graduate Assistant 304-293-3489
Maddie Wirebach Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489
Molly Younker Mountaineer Guide 304-293-3489

WVU Beckley

Chelsea Bricker Digital Content Editor
Becky Brouse Sports Information Director - Golden Bear Athletics 304-929-1401
Ryan Couch Senior Graphic Arts Designer 304-929-1259
Jen Wood Cunningham Director of University Relations, WVU Beckley 304-929-1400

WVU Keyser

Derek Artimez Graphic Arts Designer Senior 304-788-6870
Hunter Given Social Media Content Creator (304) 788-7156
Taylor Hill Digital Marketing Strategist 304-788-7155
Beth Little Dean of Enrollment Management and University Relations, WVU Keyser 304-788-6815
Lisa-Ann Maust Social Media Specialist (304) 788-6800
Rene Trezise Director of University Relations - Communications 304-788-6872