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Vice President’s Office

AAMartin, Sharon

Loughney, Sara Program Coordinator 304-293-6997
Graham, Katrina Project and Operations Manager (


Undergraduate Admissions

Cook, Joseph Director of Admissions and Operations 304-293-2121
Guynn, Kim Associate Director of Admissions 304-293-2121
Pyles, Kristie Administrative Assistant
Bunner, Trista Admissions Counselor 304-293-8628
Buchheit, Megan Admissions Counselor 304-293-2365

International Admissions

Davis, Amanda Admissions Specialist II
Smith, Margaret Admissions Specialist II 304-293-1297
Thomas, Melody Program Coordinator
Wells, Stuart Assistant Director - International 304-293-2121

Undergraduate Admissions - Freshmen

Hartley, Amber Admissions Specialist II
McDonnell, Judy Admissions Specialist
Murray, Tracy Admissions Specialist Senior
Nuce, Barb Admissions Specialist
Snider, Melissa Admissions Specialist II
Yau, Lee Khuen Manager Freshmen Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions - Transfer

Bacorn, Amy Admissions Specialist II
Dalton, Candy Manager Transfer Admissions
Nelson, Eleanor Admissions Specialist
Rush, Jamie Admissions Specialist II
Scarborough, Jean Marie Program Specialist

Communication Team

Hart, Chris Admissions Assistant 304-293-2121
Keffer, Michael Admission Specialist Senior 304-293-2121
Siba, Adele Assistant Director 304-293-1295

Regional Recruiters

Davis, Rachelle Program Coordinator / Regional Recruiter 304-376-7850
Gress, Jacquelyn Director of Regional Recruitment 304-376-6650
Kilpatrick, Jody Senior Program Coordinator / Regional Recruiter 304-376-3482
Lang, Casey Program Coordinator / Regional Recruiter 304-244-9465
Linsenbigler, Danielle Assistant Director of Regional Recruitment 304-376-4693
Lowery, Kelly Assistant Director of Regional Recruitment 681-285-7040
Maier, Christina Program Coordinator / Regional Recruiter 304-216-2348
McCarty, Kim Executive Director of Regional Recruitment 724-309-8944
Smith, Casandra Program Coordinator/ Regional Recruiter 304-376-3718
Weaver, Mandy Program Coordinator / Regional Recruiter 304-376-0942

Enrollment Management

Daw, Rachel Senior Program Coordinator of NSO 304-293-5984
Givan, Ashley International Recruiter 304-293-8615
Moyer, Brianna Assistant Director of Recruitment 304-293-8627

Enrollment Management Technology

Acord, Christopher Professional Technologist
McVey, Joseph Professional Technologist
Seggie, Emily Director of Enrollment Management Technology 304-293-1248
Zorn, Kevin Professional Technologist

Graduate Admissions and Recruitment

Clark, Diann Graduate Admissions Assistant 304-293-0001
Fields, Erin Program Director for Graduate Admissions (304) 293-5980
Lipscomb, Lisa Admissions Assistant, Graduate Admissions and Recruitment 304-293-1304
Quance, Shelly Director, Graduate Admissions and Recruitment 304-293-5870
Starliper, Erin Graduate Recruitment Coordinator for Eberly College of Arts and Sciences (304) 293-5980
Wade, Debra Program Coordinator in Graduate Admissions and Recruitment 304-293-5893
Young, Robin Office Administrator 304-293-6540

Brand and Trademark Licensing

Nikki Goodenow Director 304-293-4756
Jenn Miller Assistant Director 304-293-8026
Hailey Brown Coordinator (304) 293-8028


Tami Allen Internal and Student Communications Manager
April Kaull Executive Director 304-293-3990
Peter Habuda Front End Web Designer
Shauna Johnson Director of News Communications 304-293-8302
Sean Manning News and Information Manager 304-293-9626
Micaela Morrissette Research Writer
Pam Pritt Executive Editor of WVU Magazine Communications 304-293-6383
Laura Jackson Research Writer
Linda Skidmore Health Research Writer
Jake Stump Director of Research Communications 304-293-5507
Holly Thubron Managing Editor 304-293-6998
WVU Magazine


Michael Esposito Executive Creative Director 304-293-5699


Cummings, Karyn Desktop Publishing Specialist 304-293-3957
Curry, Graham Director 304-293-0566
McGettigan, Michelle Multimedia Specialist
Nuevo, John Multimedia Specialist 304-293-0532
Wentz, Sheree Art Director


Allen, Jay Assistant Director 304-293-5276
Chen, Qian Professional Technologist
Dieffenbauch, Lindsay Professional Technologist (304) 266-2542
Duong, Kim Professional Technologist 304-293-7389
Gillum, Jennifer Professional Technologist - InfoStations 304-293-0534
Glenn, Adam Professional Technologist 304-293-5287
Gould, Sarah Communications Specialist Sr. 304-293-6550
Hodge, Justin Professional Technologist
Johnson, Tatsu Professional Technologist
Orndorff, Cathy Director 304-293-5305
Patton, Rebecca Professional Technologist 304-290-0126
Reckart, Nathan Professional Technologist 304-293-0545
Stavar, Steve Professional Technologist - InfoStations 304-293-0568
Saab, Brooke Professional Technologist


DeWeese, Kathy Director - University Content 304-293-8947
Owens, Lydia Communications Specialist Sr. 681-443-4922
Pierotti, Mikenna Senior Writer 304-293-6676
Quigley, Amy Assistant Editor 304-293-8662


Brown, Joel Director, Brand Experience 304-293-0690

Video and Multimedia Production

Cummins, Tim Communications Engineer 304-293-1305, ext. 2
Hamilton, Dan Multimedia Specialist 304-293-0244
Heasley, Kelly Assistant Director 304-293-3589
Stalnaker, Brad Multimedia Specialist 304-293-0245
Webb, Joe Director 304-293-3851
Yang, Li Professional Technologist 304-293-1305, ext. 3

Multimedia and Photography

Lituchy, Scott Director of Multimedia 304-293-5562
Malecki, David Student Worker
Persinger, Brian Senior Photojournalist 304-293-4324
Shepherd, Jenny Photo Manager 304-293-3067
Sunday, Matt Multimedia Specialist 304-293-4251
Department Info (304) 293-6997
Chan, Davidson Health Sciences Photographer
Reeves, Alyssa Student Worker

Health Sciences

Aira Burkhart Multimedia Specialist 251-382-8474
Christa Currey Director of Marketing and Communications, School of Pharmacy 304-293-7192
William Frye Web Communications Specialist 304-581-1905
Sam Haines Communications Specialist 304-293-7487
Wendy Holdren Director of Marketing and Communications, School of Nursing 304-581-1772
Zane Lacko Senior Communications Specialist, School of Medicine 304-293-6135
Hannah Maxwell Multimedia Specialist 304-293-1359
Tyler Mertins Social Media Strategist 304-293-2015
Tara Scatterday Executive Director, Communications and Institutional Relations 304-293-0630
Cassie Thomas Director of Communications and Marketing, School of Medicine 304-293-3412
Sunshine Wiles-Gidley Director of Communications and Marketing, School of Dentistry 304-293-6133
Jessica Wilmoth Senior Communications Specialist 304-293-9528
Ally Kennedy School of Medicine Communications Specialist 304-293-1293
Lindsay Wiles Director of Marketing & Communications, SPH Central Administration (304) 293-1699
Cheyenne Oakes Graduate Assistant
Savanna Shriver Marketing Assistant, School of Medicine
Shawn King Assistant Director of Application & Web Creative, Administration
Daniel Edmonds Creative Development Lead, Administration
Jason Neel Web Developer, Administration
Rachel Neel Web Developer, Administration
Matthew Visyak Web Developer, Administration


Tony Dobies Executive Director of Marketing 304-293-5510
Carmen Congelio Assistant Director for Student Life Marketing 304-293-4652
Jessica McGee Director of Marketing and Communications-WVU Alumni Association 304-293-4731
Corissa Rosenberger Marketing Director for Student Life 304-293-2866
Madelyn Price Marketing Specialist, University Apartments 304.964.2547
Laura Spitznogle Advertising and Media Buyer 304-293-0562

Social Media

Given, Hunter Senior Social Media Specialist 304.216.6620
Huffman, Rickie Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Parent Marketing
Mertins, Tyler Social Media Strategist-Health Sciences 304-293-2015 tmertins@hsc.wvu,edy
Nealis, Kallie Assistant Director 304-293-3599
Ryan, Dave Social Media Director
Webb, Mark Social Media Strategist 304-216-6620
Riffle, Kayla Student Worker Social Media


Christine Anderson Student Financial Services Coordinator 304-293-1988
Tricia Bates Student Financial Services Coordinator 304-293-1988
Brian Bollinger Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Matthew Branch Student Financial Services Manager 304-293-1988
Lindsey Burgess Student Financial Services Manager 304-293-1988
Peggy Freeland-Strong Administrative Associate 304-293-1988
Antoinette Hines Student Financial Services Coordinator 304-293-1988
Jennie Jamieson Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Kate Kim Training Coordinator 304-293-1988
Tara Kurilchick Assistant Director 304-293-1988
Eric Meadows Assistant Director 304-293-1988
Brigitte Minney Student Program Advisor 304-293-1988
Lin Shay Assistant Director 304-293-1988
Jermaine Skeffery Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Aaron Staats Assistant Director 304-293-1988
Cassandra Moore Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
George Yanchak Director 304-293-1988
Malory Werner Student Financial Services Manager 304-293-1988
Trinity Morrison Communication Specialist (304) 293-1988
Cynthia Canterberry Student Financial Services Manager (304) 293-1988
Monica Hines Program Coordinator
Ryan Casto Program Coordinator (304) 293-1988
Ivy Pan Program Coordinator (304) 293-1988
Clark Singleton Program Coordinator (304) 293-1988

Mountaineer Parents Club

Lisa Hanselman Director 304-293-2506
Lauren Starliper Events Specialist (304) 293-2506


Ann Bailey Berry Assistant Vice President for Outreach 304-293-9822
Dave Rogers Senior Administrative Assistant 304-293-8020
Danica Wilburn Director of Event Strategy 304-293-7586

Student Financial Services

James Buchanan Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Rebecca Campbell Student Financial Services Manager 304-293-1988
Brian Caulkins Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Amanda Cole Director 304-293-1988
Carol Davis Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Sue Davis Office Administrator 304-293-1988
Jeanette Farris Manager 304-293-1988
Candi Frazier Director 304-293-1988
Mackenzie Guy Student Financial Service Coordinator 304-293-1988
Angela Hall Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Ellen Harker Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Bethany Hirst Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Devon Kelly Student Program Advisor 304-293-1988
Terry Miller Director 304-293-1988
Zackary Mullikin Scholarship Program Coordinator 304-293-1988
Sandra Oerly-Bennett Assistant Vice President, Student Financial Services 304-293-1988
Jackie Paugh Sr Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
David Russell Student Financial Services Manager 304-293-1988
Michael Rutherford Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Sarah Schneider Assistant Director 304-293-1988
David Shoemaker Assistant Director 304-293-1988
Curtis Sheets Student Financial Services Coordinator 304-293-1988
Barry Smith Accountant 304-293-1988
Karen Smith Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Nicole Solomon Director 304-293-1988
Sharon Spiller Student Financial Services Coordinator 304-293-1988
Amanda Thompson Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Nicholas Thompson Manager 304-293-1988
Ozioma Udah Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Corrine Ullom Student Financial Services Manager 304-293-1988
Cassandra VillaNeuva Financial Aid Counselor 304-293-1988
Courtney Watkins Program Administrator Sr. 304-293-1988
Rebecca Zajdel Student Financial Services Manager 304-293-1988
George Zatezalo Professional Technologist 304-293-1988
Angela Jones Student Financial Services Manager 304-293-1988
Kathleen Hasbrouck Program Coordinator (304) 293-1988
Dixie Shearer Program Coorndinator 304-293-1988
Lisa Brugnoli Student Financial Service Coordinator 304-293-1988
Cynthia Crosley Professional Technologist 1 (304) 293-1988
Katherine Price Program Coordinator (304) 293-1988
Lori Mills Program Coordinator (304) 293-1988
Emily Gardner Program Coordinator (304) 293-1988

Visitors Center

Ali Anderson Assistant Director, Evansdale Visitors Center 304-293-2086
Kristina Angeline Program Coordinator, Evansdale Visitors Center (304) 293-4149
Andrew Belcher Visit Experience Counselor, Evansdale Visitors Center (304) 293-4446
Terry Jackson Director 304-293-3489
Kirsten Swales Program Coordinator, Downtown Visitors Center (304) 293-2086
Taylor Bryner Group Tour Program Coordinator (304) 293-2151
Nick Eiginger Visit Experience Counselor, Downtown Visitors Center (304) 293-4631

WVU Beckley

Becky Brouse Sports Information Director - Golden Bear Athletics 304-929-1401
Christopher Clay Multimedia Specialist (304) 929-1400
Ryan Couch Senior Graphic Arts Designer 304-929-1259
Jen Wood Cunningham Director of University Relations, WVU Beckley 304-929-1400

WVU Keyser

Derek Artimez Social Media Specialist, Student Life 304-312-3373
Kimberly Colebank Interim Dean of University Relations (304) 788-7805 Kimberly.
Debi Cruse Writer and Editor 304-788-6811
LaDonna Gardner Communications Specialist 304-788-6850
Lucas Lemonds
Map of WV showing Morgantown, Keyser, and Beckley locations

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