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All-Team Meeting | January 22, 2019


  • University Updates – Sharon
  • Planning for 2019 – Sharon
  • Team Culture – Emily Dennis and Sharon
  • Team Updates 

Creative Inspiration

"If we're growing, we're always going to be out of our comfort zone."
—John C. Maxwell

University Updates

Strategic Transformation Team

  • Group comprised of people from across the University system
  • Tasked with being innovators and designing a new path forward
  • Developing a plan to be presented by Dr. Gee in Spring 2020
  • Units will be involved in sharing feedback and ideas

Partnership with Boy Scouts

World Jamboree in July 2019

  • thousands (ages 14-18) from around the world in WV
  • opportunity to showcase WVU and the beauty of our state
  • branding, programming, staffing, recruitment, merchandising

Degree Programs

  • BS in Organizational Leadership (B&E)
  • BS in Adventure Recreation Management (Beckley)
  • assist in promoting, marketing and recruiting
  • Administrator-in-Residence on Morgantown campus

Legislative Session 2019

  • Session is underway; ends March 9
  • Under the Dome distributed weekly
  • Two main issues:
    • Campus Carry
      • monitoring closely; will move quickly in the best interest of WVU
      • legislative team communicating with faculty, staff and students
      • reminder that everyone has the right to share his/her opinion of   the bill, whether they support it or oppose it.

    • Blue Ribbon Commission / Higher Ed Funding
      • BRC has been meeting under leadership of Dr. Gee
      • potential recommendations to be given to Gov. Justice
      • HEPC funding formula still a concern; monitoring

R1 Renewed

  • WVU has retained its R1 status
  • Will be celebrating during Dr. Gee’s upcoming State of the University
  • Week-long research celebration being planned for April
  • We will message this year-long 

Academic Common Market Changes

  • ACM allows NR students to enroll in degree programs not offered in their state at in-state rate (about 2% of the undergrad population)
  • Discontinuing the program (to provide better academic and financial aid opportunities)
  • Undergrads being admitted in the Summer 2020 term will no longer be eligible for the program
  • Current students enrolled in ACM will be grandfathered in
  • Does not affect graduate students
  • Other universities across the country are making similar adjustments
  • Ohio Reciprocity is not affected
  • Communications begin this week 

Ultimate Mountaineer Fan Contest

  • launched Jan. 14 and ends Jan. 23
  • winner receives trip for 2 to the men’s Big 12 Basketball Tourney
  • 3 finalists will be chosen to develop their own unique Official 2019 WVU Fan Shirt with Top of the World
  • fans will vote on t-shirt designs to determine the winner
  • enter at


  1. Build and enhance the reputation of the institution. 
  2. Engage our partners 
  3. Drive demand. 
  4. Keep stakeholders informed.
Our purpose is to change lives through education, healthcare and prosperity.

Goal setting

How we will approach it moving forward

  1. University goals – system-wide and unit-driven
  2. UREM goals – unit and team-driven

Ultimately, everything we do should support the University’s purpose.

Goals for 2019

University Goals

  • Continue building One WVU
    • Strategic Transformation Team
    • Divisional Campuses
    • WVU Medicine 

  • Continue to improve our culture (faculty and staff success)
    • Code of Conduct
    • Upward Feedback
    • Values
    • Inclusion

  • Focus on Student Success
    • Affordability and Accessibility
    • WV students
    • Fundraising for scholarships
    • University focus on recruitment, retention, persistence
  • Be a leader in higher ed
    • Blue Ribbon Commission
    • Legislative Agenda

Goal setting for UR/EM

  • Setting quarterly goals for UR/EM – unit and team goals
  • Teams have been asked to send goals
  • Will review and create a document for the team that outlines goals and measurement

Our Culture

Culture Teams - Emily

Culture Survey

  • Results are back
  • Third year we’ve done this
  • Review results with T&C next month and then we’ll discuss as a team
  • Taking a break from the survey to allow for time to implement changes
  • Overall, we are moving the needle

Upward Feedback

  • Based on feedback from our Culture Surveys, introducing a new tool called “Upward Feedback.” 
  • This tool is designed to help supervisors identify their leadership strengths and opportunities by capturing feedback from direct reports.
  • Now through Jan. 27, all staff employees will receive an email from Employee Relations asking them to complete a questionnaire on their supervisor’s managerial effectiveness.
  • Participation not required, but strongly encouraged.
  • Confidential and anonymous
  • Supervisors will not receive information about who completed survey
  • During the first year, the University will collect and communicate aggregate survey results only.
  • Shared in the spring of 2019
  • For professional development purposes only; will not affect performance evaluations
  • Will help the University create programming and training

Code of Conduct

The professional conduct of West Virginia University employees is critical to the fulfillment of WVU’s mission, vision and values.

The success of our University is built upon the concept of our employees and officials conducting themselves in a manner that demonstrates WVU’s values: Service, Curiosity, Respect, Accountability and Appreciation. 

Our collective efforts to behave in a manner consistent with the University’s values will promote a positive work environment and lead to success in reaching our institutional goals.

Service. We seek opportunities to serve others and commit to providing the highest quality of service.

We contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the unit.

We interact with others in a positive, respectful and appropriate manner.

We take initiative to help and seek solutions and follow up as needed.

We respond in an appropriate timeframe and manner to phone calls, email and work-related questions.

And we are transparent and honest in our interactions with others and share relevant information.

Team Updates

  • Enrollment Update – Stephen Lee
  • Team Communication – Kevin Hart
  • Day at the Legislature – Brandi Underwood
  • RNP and Campus Logic – Cassie Brown and Nicole Solomon
  • UR/EM Website – Mike Esposito
  • Ask Us Anything – Ann Berry