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All-Team Meeting | January 27, 2020


  • University Updates – Sharon
  • Meet Our HR Partners – Katrina Graham and Becky Bodkin
  • WVU Day at the Legislature – Tara Curtis and  Brandi Underwood
  • Evansdale Visitors Center Creative – Chewie Stavar, Graham Curry and Jen Gillum
  • Enrollment Management Dashboard – George Zimmerman
  • HSC Website, Addiction Website and Podcast 101 – Dave Ryan
  • DEI Messaging Campaign – Wendy Holdren
  • Job Shadowing – April Kaull (rescheduled for next meeting)
  • Academic Media Day – John Bolt (rescheduled for next meeting)
  • Shout Outs – Recognition and Appreciation Team

Welcome New Team Members!

  • Joy Bender, Accountant, Funds Management, SSFS
  • Brian Caulkins, Prof Tech, Strategic Operations, SSFS
  • Sean Hines, Social Media Specialist for Student Life, Marketing (Feb. 3)
  • Tatsu Johnson, Prof Tech, Digital
  • Lindsey McNellis, Student Svcs. Associate, Mountaineer Hub
  • Rebecca Patton, Prof Tech, Digital

Congratulations to Elaine McVay, who has expanded her role to become the Director of Marketing for Student Life. In addition to overseeing housing, she will assist SL in all of their areas with marketing and branding initiatives.


Legislative Session

  • Feel positive that budget will remain stable, no changes with campus carry
  • Under the Dome going out weekly (in Enews)
  • WVU Day at the Legislature (last Tuesday)


  • AUAs planned for February and early March
  • Distinguished Scholars on Feb. 10 (Brianna Vento taking lead)
  • Adding more at the top of the funnel while turning to yield activities
  • Enrollment Summit – Jan. 30 with Brent Ramdin, ACT NRCUAA
  • RNP Process will start on Feb 3 with deadline for reinstatement Feb 7 
  • Decide WVU Days will be March 28 and April 4
  • Implemented a Transfer SWOT team (meets weekly)
  • Team traveling to Georgia State on Friday to learn more on retention


  • NSO will be led by Jihad Dixon under the guidance of Katie Condon
  • Evaluating positions needed within Grad Admissions, Regional Recruiter

Campus Conversation – 2020 Compensation Program

  • Wednesday, Jan. 29 at 1 p.m. at HSC 1175
  • Friday, Jan. 31 at noon at Erickson Alumni Center

Spring State of the University – March 3

  • Student-centered
  • Hoping to partner with the DA and U92 to get student input
  • Game watch party following in conjunction with Student Life

Empty Bowls Painting  

  • 7 sessions to paint bowls for the Empty Bowls event on Feb. 29
  • Located at WOW Factory on University Ave.
  • $7 to paint a bowl; snacks provided
  • Great way to meet others and give back to our community
  • Email in your inbox (Jan. 22) with link to registration
  • Any questions? See Cathy Orndorff (

Visitors Center Tour Guides are Awesome!

  • Presented at the Student Development Institute in early January
  • Annual gathering of 400+ students and professional staff
  • “Serving Endless Breadsticks: Creating a Visit Experience that Feels Like Home”
  • Highest-rated session (even higher than the Keynote!)
  • Brycen Kuenzel was awarded an “All-Star” award. This is a national award presented by peers and tour guide advisors for being a stand-out tour guide.

Recap from 2019 Retreat

  • Leadership team completed a SWOT analysis
  • Determined 3 cultural themes we wanted to improve within our unit
  • Determined 5 priorities that we would address as a unit in 2020
  • Individual teams will be working on these throughout the year
  • At each All-Team meeting, we’ll be addressing these in different ways
  • Also at each All-Team meeting, team members will help lead the meetings (Thank you, Tara Scatterday and Mike Esposito!)

The three cultural themes we agreed we wanted to improve included:

  1. Communication
  2. Building Trust
  3. Understanding and Working Toward our Priorities & Goals

University Priorities and Goals

  • Education
    • Purpose
    • Student Experience
  • Healthcare
    • HSC
    • WVU Medicine
  • Prosperity
    • State

Our Mission every day is to support the University priorities by:

  • Building the Brand
  • Communicating
  • Driving Demand

UREM Priorities and Goals

We agreed in 2020 to focus on 5 priorities to support UREM’s mission and the priorities of the University.

  • Data Collection and Analytics
  • Diversity
  • Visit Experience
  • Retaining and Grooming Talent
  • Better Collaboration with Partners
Notes from future All-Team Meetings will be available on the UR/EM All-Team page several days after the event.