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Market Research for WVU Libraries

Situation: The WVU Library wanted to understand the role the library plays in the lives of students and faculty. Since information literacy is a critical skill, the primary objective was to understand – both from the student and faculty perspective – students’ abilities and struggles in this area. The Library also wanted to measure awareness and usage of its facilities and identify ways to better promote its resources and capabilities and increase engagement among both students and faculty.

Results: WVU Libraries learned that students’ ability to locate, evaluate and effectively use the needed information is problematic and, for the most part, student deliverables fail to meet faculty’s expectations. Research revealed ways in which the library can play a more pivotal role in improving students’ skills in this area, including identifying opportunities for collaborating with faculty early in the process. Additionally, the library was able to better understand its strengths and weaknesses and identify ways to better promote its resources and capabilities, which will likely lead to improved and more frequent interactions with students and faculty.

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