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LGBTQ Center Strategy Plan

LGBTQ Center at WVU 
Marketing and Communication Campaign

Campaign overview and purpose

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Center campaign is designed to reinforce WVU’s commitment to leading the way in building a safe, inclusive and welcoming home on the WVU campus for those who identify as LGBTQ and their allies.

The vision is to build a bold, bright and energetic awareness campaign that supports and celebrates the diverse spirit of West Virginia University’s faculty, staff and students through scholarship and advocacy efforts including lectures, seminars, events, messaging and branding. 

Relevant facts

The first of its kind in the state, the LGBTQ Center will be housed in Hodges Hall in the former site of the Launch Lab.  It will report to the Office of the Provost and will have a strong partnership with Women’s and Gender Studies.  

In addition to creating an inclusive hub for the LGBTQ community and engaging in campus outreach and education, the Center will build an infrastructure with a strong academic arm that will conduct research and explore the primary concerns in LGBTQ studies.

The Center will be led by Dr. Cris Mayo, who will assume her duties July 1, 2016. The Center will need a new name once she is on board. 

Timing and Launch

Fall 2016 semester. Students who identify as LGBTQ should understand from their first steps on campus that there is a support system for them at WVU.  The launch of marketing and communication efforts should align with Welcome Week to educate and create Center awareness to new and returning students.  

This timing will also allow for Dr. Mayo to begin her role and partner with UR to integrate her vision and strategy into marketing and communication efforts.  

Target Audiences

Marketing and communication efforts should encompass a bold awareness campaign that directly educates and engages several multi-cultural audiences:


  • Current students who openly identify as LGBTQ,
  • Current students who privately identify as LGBTQ (not as forthcoming; may come from areas with cultural climates that do not create supportive environments for these identities),
  • Allies of the LGBTQ community,
  • The broader WVU community of faculty, staff and students to emphasize the message of creating an accepting, inclusive culture on WVU’s campus that celebrates diverse gender and sexuality roles. 
  • Prospective students, faculty and staff members who may identify as LGBTQ.  The messaging developed for this campaign should ultimately be integrated into admissions marketing events and materials.  Students who identify as LGBTQ prior to entering college will likely seek out institutions with climates that support and celebrate their identity. 


  • Parents,
  • Alumni,
  • State citizens,
  • Opinion leaders,
  • Elected officials,
  • Donors (particularly donors who identify as LGBTQ or are strong allies of those who do),
  • Statewide media,
  • Board of Governors,
  • Visiting committees.


WVUToday, social (exact platforms and nature of content to be determined by UR’s social team closer to launch), Daily Athenaeum, statewide media, ENews, WVU Weekly,, MIX, Eberly website, DEI website, CG&S website, Provost’s website, President’s website, WVU Magazine (fall edition), Admissions website.

Messages emphasizing importance of building an inclusive campus on the WVU campus should be integrated into other campaigns (125 Years of Women, Diversity Week) and Dr. Gee’s/Provost McConnell’s remarks at high profile events (including SOTUs.)

Opportunities for strategic partnerships

  • Student Life. All student organizations – but especially SGA and LGBTQ specific-organizations - should perpetuate Center’s core vision and messages and promote Center on their platforms. A unique message should also be developed with Housing and Residence life.
  • Eberly WG&S Center is housed here.  Good opportunity to reach alumni base in Eberly magazine. Charlotte Bunch is coming to speak for Festival of Ideas in October as part of 125 Years of Women campaign - in addition to being a feminist scholar, she is also an advocate for women-specific LGBTQ issues. This should be integrated with LBGTQ Center launch.
  • Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. They should collaborate on Diversity Week, scheduled for Oct. 9 – 14, 2016. Messages to lift up the Center should also be incorporated into their events, lectures and marketing and communication efforts.
  • New Student Orientation. Even though it is prior to the official campaign launch, new LGBTQ students and their allies should get the message loud and clear that the Center is coming and will be their home away from home.  Developing a simple front-and-back postcard for NSO may be useful.
  • Admissions. Perpetuating these messages through admissions materials and events – especially Discover/Meet WVU Days – will speak to prospective students who identify as LGBTQ and are likely to seek out institutions with welcoming and inclusive climates. 
  • Alumni Association. Alumni who identify as LGBTQ will be more likely to offer financial support to the Center and engage with and support current students who also identify as LGBTQ.  Promotional messaging should be worked into their marketing and communication efforts (electronic correspondence, magazine).

Suggested marketing and communication tactics

Marketing and Comm Tactic




Unit handling/Cost





Postcards announcing Dr. Mayo’s appointment.




Summer 2016 (to coincide with her appointment).



NOTE: This is being handled by Ann C.; will come out of Provost’s budget.







Logo to visually brand the Center.












A website will need to be designed.  Since this falls under the Provost’s umbrella, this should come from ITS.



ITS should handle budget.












Buttons to support campaign; should perpetuate the Center brand with logo and bright colors.  Should replicate number used for Arts & Humanities/125 Years of Women campaign.



















Should perpetuate Center brand and central message. Mike to determine number.









Media pitch.




Pitch launch of campaign for earned media purposes.






Admissions/NSO postcard.




To perpetuate message to new and potential WVU students. Mike/Ann to determine appropriate number.







Center Grand Opening?




If there is going to be a grand opening/ribbon-cutting, this will encompass invitations, banners and associated event costs.






UR/Design & Marketing.



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