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Announcements for the Current Student site(formerly MIX)

The Current Student site has replaced MIX for announcements. Students should log into the WVU Portal for access to STAR, Degree Works, eCampus, etc.

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The Information Stations are an intricate, digital signage network of displays strategically placed across the downtown and Evansdale campuses in areas with many pedestrians. The main purpose of the InfoStations is campus safety. The InfoStations are designed to interface with the WVU Police Department and the e2Campus text alert system.

These displays integrate numerous technologies to provide real-time information to the WVU community about a variety of subjects: daily and special events, athletics schedules, Rec Center programs and more. The departmental pages allow users to display relevant information in actual time with a custom-designed layout that conveys the look and feel of each department. This information is updated through Web database integration and the WVU calendars.

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