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Graphic Identifiers for Schools, Colleges, Departments and Units

When representing a WVU school, college, department or unit, the lock-ups should be visually consistent. All lock-ups should be created or approved by University Relations.

One Line Lockup demo

Standard one-line logo lockup

Use the height of the lowercase “e” for proper spacing.

Helvetica Regular
Kerning: Optical
Case: All caps

Two-line Lockup demo

Standard two-line logo lockup

Helvetica Regular
Kerning: Optical
Case: All caps

Download College Wordmarks

The WVU logomark and logotype are the only symbols generally used to represent the University, and must appear prominently in all WVU visual communications (print, online and multimedia). Using multiple logos can result in visual confusion and dilutes the WVU brand.

As a general rule, WVU schools, colleges, academic units and departments are not permitted to have a logo. Individual logos at this level reduce the impact and effectiveness of the University’s brand identity.

Q: My department wants create a unique logo of our own. Why shouldn’t we?

A: When organizations adopt a new mark they typically spend millions of dollars over years to build the desired associations between the organization and the visual identity. We already have a powerful symbol that evokes incredibly strong, positive emotions for thousands of people in our state and across the world. Consistently showing that your unit is part of the WVU brand strengthens its influence as well. Having multiple, competing logos for departments and schools/colleges can contribute to confusion and dilution of our visual identity.

Q: As an academic institution, why should we care about branding? Isn’t that for commercial enterprises?

A: Branding is the term for building a strong identity. You could substitute the word reputation. All types of organizations need a positive reputation. A strong identity builds confidence, trust and respect. One important way to build a strong identity is through consistent use of visual images and a recognizable look and feel to published materials.

Graphic Identifiers for Special Events (Secondary Logos)

A logo may be used to mark special occasions such as annual events, campaigns and anniversaries. The duration of the use of this logo is short-term, and promotes and identifies only this particular event.

Any secondary logo used on University publications or marketing materials must be approved in advance by University Relations. Please submit at least four to six weeks before needed. A secondary logo cannot include or incorporate any existing WVU trademark, and must be subordinate to, and used in conjunction with, the WVU logotype.

Have questions about a logo or sub-brand?

Contact Kevin.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart

Traffic Manager