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Go First and Let’s Go Taglines

Our official tagline is Mountaineers go first. However, the phrase Let’s go can be used in specific instances, and for particular audiences. The information below will help you know when to employ which.

Do not use the phrase Go first independent from Mountaineers. It should always be the full statement, Mountaineers go first, and should be set in Helvetica Neue Condensed Black as it is here.

Mountaineers Go First

Use in communications aimed at a broader audience who may be unfamiliar with the Mountaineer brand. Audiences include out-of-state prospects, businesses and potential employers, government leaders and policy makers.

In most cases, Mountaineers go first should be locked up with WVU logo; however, employing the tag as a headline is acceptable for approved communications.

Mountaineers Go First. tagline

Download Mountaineers Go First tagline

Let’s Go

Use in casual communications directed at in-state prospects, current students, staff and alumni.

In most cases, Let’s go should be used as a pay-off or closer within body copy. When appearing on its own, it should be small, unobtrusive and always set in the italicized version of Iowan Old Style as it appears here.

Let’s go. tagline

Download Let’s Go tagline

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