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Getting It Right

When writing West Virginia University brand content, try these five tips to capture the right voice.

Be confident, without being arrogant.

We believe in our ability and the ability of our students, but we’re not out to make other institutions or people look bad.

Good Example

Going first means we’re bold enough for big ideas, and smart enough to launch them.

Bad Example

Be the smartest person in the room.

Be bold, without being aggressive.

We don’t mince words, and the words we do choose are powerful. However, they should always feel encouraging and hopeful.

Good Example

Innovation will be forged by the fearless.

Bad Example

Innovation will be forged when you stop waiting, and start going.

Be direct, without feeling trite.

Short, simple messages can have a powerful impact. But simple shouldn’t turn into blatantly obvious.

Good Example

This is where ideas come first.

Bad Example

Ideas matter.

Be challenging, without being implausible.

We want to challenge current and prospective students to take on the big issues, but keep messages from becoming unbelievable, and losing their meaning.

Good Example

Leaps and bounds belong only to the bold and brave.

Bad Example

Change the world, starting now.

Be inspirational, without being sentimental.

Think half-time speech, not Hallmark.

Good Example

The future will be built by those who are willing to get up and go after it.

Bad Example

The future is where your dreams meet preparation.

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