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Our Audiences

We have one brand story, but many different audiences to tell it to. Voice, tone and the personality of our brand apply to all audiences, but by slightly shifting our message to fit their interests, we can make sure everyone sees themselves as a Mountaineer.


Campus Community (leaders, faculty, staff and current students); Alumni, Donors and Friends

  • Want to know about upcoming events, community partnerships and what’s next at WVU.
  • Should be made aware of the recent successes by faculty, staff, current students and alumni in order to build pride and inspire more Mountaineers to go first.


In-State Prospective Students (and their influencers)

  • See WVU as a place of optimism and hope for the future.
  • Focus on WVU’s local and state-wide impact, and explain how they can be a part of it.

Employers and Business Leaders

  • Love hiring WVU grads for their determination, initiative and work ethic. 
  • Talk about internship opportunities, and emphasize WVU’s expertise in research and hands-on learning.

Out-of-State and International Prospective Students (and their influencers)

  • Believe WVU is a rural institution with a rural location. 
  • Emphasize location and proximity to major cities, while also focusing on WVU’s national and global impact.

Government and Policy Makers

  • Know and believe that WVU is invested in the issues that matter to the state. 
  • Focus on how WVU is truly a land-grant university — delivering on their duty to elevate the entire state through healthcare, energy, natural resources and innovative research.

West Virginians

  • They feel that WVU is truly “West Virginia’s University.” 
  • We should reinforce this by emphasizing local and statewide initiatives, community partnerships and WVU’s impact on West Virginia’s economy.

When crafting communications for any one of these groups, keep the following in mind:

  1. What does this audience care about?
  2. What do they want from West Virginia University?
  3. What do we want them to think about West Virginia University?
  4. What do we want them to do as a result of receiving this communication?

Shifting Message by Audience

To ensure that all audiences see themselves as part of the WVU story, the messaging can adjust based on their particular needs and interests. Some will be more interested in the local and statewide impact that WVU makes (and how they can be a part of it), while others will want to hear more about the national and even global story.

Audience scale: access and opportunity on one end, excellence and outcomes on the other.

West Virginians

Government and Policy Makers

In-State Prospects

Campus Community

Alumni, Donors and Friends

Employers and Business Leaders

Out-of-State and International Prospects

Map of WV showing Morgantown, Keyser, and Beckley locations

Our Locations