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Crisis Communications Plan


In the event of a crisis or disaster at West Virginia University, the University Relations/Office of Communications will shoulder the main responsibility in communicating with all constituencies, both internal and external, including media and the community. It will carry out that responsibility directly and through advising and supporting top leadership at the University, up to and including the president and, as appropriate, the Board of Governors.

This plan sets out a roadmap to fulfill that responsibility. While no plan can anticipate all variables, we will be guided by some basic principles:

  1. We will always tell the truth.
  2. Not only will we tell the truth, we will not deliberately conceal information that is necessary for the safety and well-being of the West Virginia University community.
  3. We will provide as much information as possible, as quickly as possible, while at the same time being as diligent as possible to ensure its accuracy, to all constituencies.
  4. We will seek to correct any inaccurate information, whatever the source, as quickly as possible.

While the University Relations/Office of Communications’ primary responsibility is the safety and well-being of the WVU community, we will work closely with other community emergency agencies, and their communication professionals throughout the crisis/disaster to inform their various constituencies and help them carry out their responsibilities.

Map of WV showing Morgantown, Keyser, and Beckley locations

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