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Co-Branding Approval

Co-branding (the appearance of the name and/or trademarks of a company, organization, other school or college, etc. together with West Virginia University trademarks) will be considered on a case-by-case basis. There are existing contractual relationships that need to be taken into consideration when reviewing requests for co-branding.

Procedures for approval

  • Submit requests on the Product Request Form.
  • The request must explain how the co-branding will benefit West Virginia University by detailing the nature of the company/business, the relationship with the company, the value of co-branding to the University, what will be received in return for the co-branding, and it must detail the specific use of the WVU trademarks. The requested use must be directly related to the partnership/relationship.
  • The use of a company, organization, other school or colleges, etc. trademark(s) in a co-branded design will need to be approved in writing by the prospective entity prior to production of the merchandise.
  • Co-branding of WVU trademarks is not permitted in connection with lotteries, gambling, firearms (unless sanctioned by the NCAA or with the Mountaineer Mascot graphic trademarks), tobacco, bars or alcoholic beverage promotion.
  • Co-branding with companies that conflict with University agreements and/or sponsorships is not permitted.
  • As part of any co-branding, student data base information will not be provided by the student organization to the co-branding company.
  • Co-branding that coincides with WVU Athletic events will need to be approved by WVU Athletics in advance of the co-branding.
  • WVU TL reserves the right to deny any co-branding requests deemed to be not in the best interest of the University.
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