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Licensees and Retailers

Why use a licensed vendor with WVU?

  • WVU has an agreement with CLC (licensor) and the University is contractually obligated to have products produced through WVU licensed companies. Working outside this agreement puts the University in direct violation of the agreement. 
  • Through the approval process we can make sure WVU marks are correct, the product type is appropriate and brand standards are upheld.
  • Brand standards can change periodically, using a licensed vendor ensures the most current brand standards are being utilized.
  • To assure products with the WVU brand are being sourced ethically and responsibly. All WVU licensed vendors are members of the FLA to provide transparency into their business operations. This helps combat unethical practices concerning the supply chain through wages/benefits, working hours, child labor, equality, forced labor, health & safety and harassment/abuse. While we understand a local screen printer is working in a safe environment, we cannot be sure the products they are selling were sourced under ethical conditions.
  • Using a WVU licensed company also provides accountability between the company and the University. If a mistake is made or an order is not treated appropriately, WVU can assist to rectify the situation and help hold the company accountable.
  • To make sure no third-party marks conflict with the University through sponsorships, co-branding or inappropriate affiliations such as drugs, alcohol or weapons.
  • To ensure the WVU brand and trademarks are being used correctly/consistently and help combat infringement. 
  • Under Federal and State law, WVU has the responsibility to ensure that only approved entities are using WVU trademarks.
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